Hand Embroidery Stitch Tutorials

  • Embroidery Stitch Tutorial: How to do the Stem Stitch

    embroidery hoops with wildflowers
    This stitch is a variant of the back stitch. It begins with a straight stitch, and consists of a series of short stitches that create a rope-like texture as you overlap the threads. The twists are how the stem stitch can have such a flowing effect, which makes it a wonderful choice for curvy lines like outlines, lettering, and you guessed it - plant stems!
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  • Embroidery Stitch Tutorial: How to do the Back Stitch

    embroidery hoop with lavender and the word build
    Many stitches build off of the back stitch, so this is a great one to have in your repertoire! At first glace, the back stitch looks very similar to the straight stitch, but it's actually a series of straight stitches being worked in a back and forth motion - which is how it got its name!
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