Meet Tatum

Hi, I'm Tatum (my pronouns are she/her) and I am the hands, heart, and creator here at Threaded by Tatum.

As a lifelong creative soul, I stumbled upon embroidery during a season of my life where I was in desperate need of a creative outlet. After months of developing my style, I officially launched Threaded by Tatum in October of 2020.

My intention with creating has always been to seek joy. Throughout my childhood, I enjoyed painting and playing the trumpet in the school band. And now, as an adult, my passion for stitching delicate botanicals and intricate landscapes is my source of delight. What can be done with just a needle and thread is absolutely incredible. The endless possibilities have completely captivated me and set my soul on fire.

I'm a type 5 enneagram and an INTJ. In a nutshell, I'm pretty introverted and I just love learning and collecting information. When I'm not embroidering, there's a very good chance I'm baking bread, walking in our neighborhood, reading a book, or playing a board game.


About Threaded by Tatum

Threaded by Tatum began as a way to share my creations. I took the love that I have for creating and embroidery, and began cultivating a business that I am so, so proud of. As I mentioned above, my intention for creating is to find joy. And I want to bring that very same intention and energy to my business. My hope is for you to find joy through every stitch, whether you are stitching a pattern yourself or commissioning a custom piece to have and enjoy for years to come. The end goal is to have a unique piece that evokes a feeling of delight.