Birth Flower Necklaces

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  • This floral collection has been in the works for months, and I am so thrilled to share it with you! My inspiration for these botanicals came from craving a more personal necklace than my previous floral pieces. Influenced by the flowers for each month and what they symbolize, these botanical necklaces will be a thoughtful gift for any birthday, anniversary, or significant day for you or your loved one! 

  • - I recommend taking your hand embroidered piece off before doing anything active. While the lobster claw closure is strong, the chain can still be damaged and the stitching can snag.
    - Store your pendant inside the box it comes in, or somewhere it will be safe from getting caught on another piece of jewelry.
    - Each piece is sealed with a protective spray to protect the embroidery from dirt and liquids. If your piece gets dusty, I recommend cleaning very carefully with a lint roller or a clean makeup brush to remove small particles.
    - To extend the life of your piece, I recommend minimal touching of the thread and fabric to ensure the embroidery remains like new and clean!
    - A jewelry polishing cloth is included with your piece to touch up the metal pendant and chain should they lose their shine.

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